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Denise Nulph Locker
College and Career Expo 2018
New Job...Research at University of Michigan Hospital
New Job...Research at University of Michigan Hospital
Bachelors' and Masters' Grads! Both of my children attended TJHS! They had outstanding teachers, and they feel that their experiences here created successes for them in college!
My Children!
Grad School 2010
Grad School 2010
Choose Opportunity Road!
Choose Opportunity Road!
TJHS College and Career Expo 2018!
TJHS College and Career Expo 2018!
Stanford Preparation for College and Career Expo 2017!
Stanford Preparation for College and Career Expo 2017!

Denise Nulph

ELA Student Writers...First Day of Junior High School 2018!

First Day of Jr. High

Nerves started very early.

Got to school, palms were sweaty.

Happy to see my friends.

Could not wait to eat when the day ends.

No classes had homework, feeling cool.

Many kids at the school.

End of the day ...Felt more calm.

Saw old friends...Made some new.

Good day of school!

Turlock Junior Vibes

Worried, that the work would be hard

I wander the halls, endlessly searching

The pressure of a new place weighing down on me

I find my class, an area never seen

I take my seat, feeling the boredom seek in


I stare down the clock, my worst enemy

My pencil drawn, the labor begins

Restless in my desk, bladder paining me

At the end of eternity, the bell rings

I take my leave, the day finally over

Day 1

Scared I Felt

As people walked around me

Anxiety Flowing in

As I stepped into the crowd

Kept walking and looking

Suddenly a tap gave a smile

As relief and happiness filled me up

It was a well-known face

I knew then

I was no longer alone.

Jr. High

beep...beep...the alarm rings

i grab my bag and my sack

as i get into class my thoughts go black

i start to unpack my bags as i

realize i'm in the wrong class

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1st Day of Turlock Jr. High

Blinked open my eyes, already

nervous for school.

Got to school, worried

for my classes. Stressed

headache shot through my head

like a bullet as I got to my first class.

Need to be on time.

Need to do well.

Need to make friends.

Eyes Hardly staying open in class, 

tired from early morning.


No lunch...Sigh.  I'm hungry. But

worry pushed away hunger.  Walking on

thin ice.  So many rules! End of day, 

last bell rings.  Freedom at last.  Walked through

crowd.  Saw familiar face. All emotions fell

away, but a hopeful feeling.  Maybe Turlock 

Jr. High will be fun.

2016 College and Career Expo a Superior Success!

Great work to the GATE Club who developed an innovative and engaging College and Career Expo for the entire TJHS Student Body!  Students enjoyed learning about colleges, careers, and playing games designed by the club members!

College Expo 2015!
College Expo 2015!
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"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Pickles, Pickles, Pickles!
Pickles, Pickles, Pickles!
Current Assignments
Dill Pickle Experience!
Dill Pickle Experience!
Fourth of July Parade!
 Fourth of July Parade!