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Athletics Forms


Competitive Sports

An after-school athletics program is offered to students. This program provides students with an opportunity to participate in the athletic events and compete with other junior high schools. Practices are held after school. Games are held after school with some tournaments being held on Saturdays. Typically, the school provides transportation to “away” games held outside of Turlock during the school week. Coaches will announce any exceptions including tournament transportation at the beginning of each season. Physicals are required and are provided, for a fee, at a designated clinic. A physical is needed to try out for a team. Students must be covered by medical insurance. Students who are not insured can obtain insurance information at the school office. Any student returning from an event with a parent must obtain prior written permission from the parent and a school administrator.

Check with Physical Education instructors regarding other sports, which may be added to the above-mentioned list. All students must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) with no more than 1 F or no more than one (1) "U" and must abide by the terms of the Turlock Junior High School Sports Contract to participate in after-school athletics.    Students listed on the TJHS restriction list are ineligible. Coaches will verify student eligibility through student services or ask teachers to provide current grades during the "season". 

Title IX Report

Girls’ Volleyball:  48                         Boys’ Basketball:  48                      

Girls’ Basketball:  24                        Boys’ Track: 50                                           

Girl’s Softball: 24                              Boys' (co-ed) Wrestling:  28

Girls’ Track:  50                                 Boys' (co-ed) Soccer:  22

Girls' (co-ed) Wrestling: 4

Girls' (co-ed) Soccer: 10

Total Girls:  160

Total Boys:  148

Fall Sports

Girls’ Volleyball A and B Teams
August – October
Coaches: Dustin Christian, Carrie King

Soccer (co-ed)
August – October

An intramural cross country program is offered for those students who would like to work on conditioning and jogging. This is not an interscholastic sport, but is a good program for those students interested in participating in our track program.  Details will be on the morning announcements or see 

Counselor Tom Long.

Girls’ Basketball

October - December


Parmine Randhawa - 8th grade

Philip Sanchez – 7th grade

Winter Sports

Boys’ Basketball A and B teams
November – February
Head Coach 7th: Scott Ericksen 
Head Coach 8th:  Todd Feldman

2017-18 Boys' Basketball Game Schedule


January – March

Head Coach: Michael Fajardo

Spring Sports

Girls’ Softball
February – March
Head Coach: Kaitlin Goulart

Track and Field

March – May

Head Coaches: Annette Hika, Elenna Gardner

Assistant Coaches: Dustin Christian, Salinda Mendoza